Before watching a new film or series, it is almost second nature to watch the trailer first. So, why don’t we see more book trailers?

Trailers capture the audience’s attention and give them insights into the full feature. They introduce vital narrative elements, characters and genre, creating a sense of the tone of voice and production value. 

Book reviews, blog posts, and press releases are great ways to increase the profile of your book. However, video has a monopoly on engagement and audience interaction. Bring your book promotion to life with a short, dynamic video that draws in the interest of potential readers.

With a book trailer, you can turn viewers into readers through an enchanting combination of footage, music and text. Video is one of the most engaging and effective forms of marketing on social media.

Book trailers are a great way to showcase your book and connect with a broader audience. Our creative team utilises high-quality stock footage, typographic treatments, music and expert video editing to add a new dimension to your book.

Cover Design Trend, Candy Colours

Standing out from the crowd

Social platforms, like Instagram, are full of beautiful book covers, making it challenging to differentiate yourself when promoting your book. With a book trailer, you can cut through the noise and present yourself in a new way. Video is a great way to increase engagement and reach a new audience. Did you know video promotions typically have a 25% higher engagement rate than static promotional material?

Cover Design Trend, Candy Colours

Invest in yourself

Additional costs may be the last thing you want to consider after self-publishing a book. However, investing in professional marketing materials could take your book promotion to the next level. If your budget allows, setting aside funds for marketing is essential to ensure your book has the best chance of reaching the audience.

What is the process, and what do you need to know:

Our book trailer service begins with an author questionnaire. If you’ve used our book cover service, you’ll recognise the process! The questionnaire helps us understand your book, design preferences and video content. Another key element is to define which format video you want or whether you require multiple formats.

Standard formats include: 

Classic – W1920px x H1080px 

Vertical Story – W1080px x H1920px 

Square Social – W1080px x H1080px 

The classic video format is best for websites, portfolios, Youtube and Vimeo channels. If you already have an established website, including a bespoke book trailer is a great feature to capture visitors’ attention. 

If you want to share your book trailer on social stories, Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts and TikTok, “Vertical Story” is the format for you. This video format allows you to stand out, stay on trend and use the algorithm to your advantage!

Square Social provides flexibility with posting across various social media platforms. Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook are all compatible with square crops, so if these socials are your primary focus, the “Square Social” could be the best direction.

If you need advice on which format best suits your needs or have any questions, our creative team are always happy to help! Book a book trailer consultation here.

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