Most of us use social media in our day-to-day lives, however, when running a social media account for a business or brand you should consider how you will communicate your brand effectively.

Social media is an essential tool for maintaining consumer relationships, encouraging engagement and creating new leads. Social media platforms are designed for interaction. When used effectively, social media can aid brand building and audience engagement, whether it’s posting a “behind the scenes” of your writing journey to your story, sharing a blog about your upcoming book or sharing your newest book trailer, you can connect with potential readers.

When developing an online brand presence it is important to consider the benefits of curated social media content and assets. This can be achieved through consistent brand imaging and ensuring communication reflects the brand tone of voice. By creating consistent “on-brand” content the audience is able to identify your brand and content even when it’s shared on other social profiles!

Our top tips for utilising social media

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1. Connect with other profiles.

Finding contacts and building communities are core principles of social media. They are designed to be social! When developing your online presence, consider who is part of your community and who you want to connect with. Are you looking to connect with other self-publishing authors? Or, are you wanting to find potential readers? Probably both!

If you’re stuck on how to find relevant accounts, try searching for specific hashtags that match your interests. For example, #SelfPublisingAuthors or #AuthorCommunities. Connecting with other authors with similar content and interests can lead to developing active communities. Please note – building a community needs to be more than simply following accounts, make sure you interact by liking, sharing and commenting on posts! 

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2. Post consistently

To capture and maintain an audience you need to post consistently. We aren’t saying you have to post multiple times a day, but try not to leave massive gaps between posts. Make sure you don’t sacrifice quality content for the sake of quantity, find a balance that suits you.

The recommended weekly or daily posts vary between social platforms, as you progress in your social media journey this will be something to consider. But, if you’re starting out just focus on what is manageable and enjoyable for you.

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3. Tailor your content for your audience and platform

Creating content that targets your audience is key to maintaining and growing your social following. No matter what format your content takes (video, carousel, image or story) it is important to keep your audience in mind. Consider what your audience is interested in. Do they enjoy live Q&A’s about your writing process? Or, do they want high-quality book cover images?

Once, you’ve been posting for a while it will be easier to pinpoint what content performs well and not so well. Keep note of these trends and use them to inform your content planning. While “content is king”, social media algorithms are constantly changing what content style performs best. So, make sure you stay up to date on what format is performing best on your chosen platforms.

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4. Consider the visual

Your social feed should be an extension of your brand. This isn’t to say that every post needs to include your logo and brand colours, but it shouldn’t feel disjointed. 

It’s good to consider different types of posts and how they look on your social feed. How would you want book marketing materials to look? Would you post infographics related to self-publishing? Is your brand photographic-led or illustration-led? Defining this will help you develop a key style that is inherently connected with your brand. Although you can develop a look or style, make sure it doesn’t become too repetitive and boring! 

How can Buzbooks help?

Now, if you’re not sure where to start or want to refine your current social media platforms, our creative team is equipped to help. We can provide a range of social media marketing assets to take your profiles to the next level. We work with you to develop profile images, cover banners and promotional posts that create consistency across all your social platforms while feeling authentically you.

Also, video content is a great way to stand out and create something special. “TikTokification” of social media, adapting your content to video is more important than ever. We aren’t suggesting you need to learn all the latest TikTok dances or post Reels every day. We’re proposing professional book trailers that bring your book to life. Our book trailer service provides high-end videos, which are impressive marketing tools! Check them out here.

If you want to go beyond cover design, we offer a range of services which will allow you to define your brand and take your books to the next level. Our upcoming blogs will go into detail about these services and what their benefits are, in the meantime find out more on our website:

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