When defining your brand and building an online presence, you should consider the value of an author website.

Did you know 6/10 customers expect brands to have content online? Although social media is a fantastic way to showcase content, websites have unique qualities that can grow your online presence. So, let’s look at the core benefits of having an author website. 

Online Presence and Credibility  

Firstly, a website creates an anchor point for your customers and builds credibility. Unlike social media, you can ensure a website embodies all aspects of your brand, from the images, typeface and colour schemes to the composition, animation styles and content.

You can utilise your website to become a hub for your online content and build credibility. One way of achieving this is by showcasing your specialist areas in blog formats. Blogs are great content that allows you to connect with your audience and develop consistent content. Blogs are also useful for linking to other media and events and reflecting current trends. 

Another way to build credibility is through customer reviews and testimonials. Featuring testimonials on your website continues to build your credibility and legitimise your brand through personal experiences. Try contacting happy customers and asking them to leave reviews or provide longer testimonials!

Easy communication

In addition, the core purpose of a website is to communicate. It provides an easy and direct way of communicating with your audience. Also, it gives a location to collate your contact information and buying links to products, events and upcoming projects. Or even a last-minute update you need to inform your consumer about! You can also integrate contact forms for consumers to encourage enquiries, newsletter sign-ups or feedback. 

A website is perfect for highlighting promotional materials such as book trailers. Our book trailers ensure your website content stands out and wows the audience! They are a dynamic and powerful way to showcase your products and an excellent website feature.

Customer Insights

Moreover, beyond reviews and testimonials, you can gain audience insights from your website analytics.

Analytic tools can support you in maximising your business by:

  • Identifying keyword searches.
  • How your website is commonly found.
  • Who views your website.
  • What content do they engage with? 

From these insights, you can tailor your website and SEO to reach a wider audience and gain traction online.

We briefly mentioned integrating contact forms to encourage consumer interactions. These are helpful tools to gain customer insights and develop a database beyond your physical website. By introducing mailing lists or newsletters, you can directly communicate with the consumer, giving them direct and frequent content straight to their inbox. (Plus, it gives you more data and analytics to improve your brand!)

Great for Advertising

You may want to consider online ads to take your website further and reach a new audience too! There are different online advertising solutions, such as Google Ads or Facebook Ads, that you can use to promote your website and brand across the internet.  This type of advertising is great at targeting your audience, meaning your content is shared with the right people and places online.

Lastly, ensure you’re promoting your content aligned with your brand and author website! The idea is to combine brand building, an effective website, and a thorough ad plan to increase engagement and sales.

So, whether you’re looking for a new website or updating your current one, we’re here to help! Our team is equipped to handle all things web, design and marketing. We have years of experience working with authors to develop their brands online through excellent websites. 

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