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Custom Cover Design – $299
Custom Cover-Foreign Language – $299
Custom Cover-Foreign Language (English Version First) – $199
Additional Cover Concept – $99
Cover Text Changes – $50
Cover Changes – $79
Cover Photo Manipulation – $79
Additional Cover Photo – $79

Simple Interior w/ Kindle Conversion – $195
Simple Interior Changes – $50
Custom Interior Layout – $200
Marketing Copy Essentials – $249
Kindle Conversion – $45
Complex Kindle Conversion – $85

Copyediting – 0.016/word
Line Editing – 0.021/word
Editing Package – 0.03/word
Editing Package Plus – 0.047/word

Book Trailers – $699
Social Media Marketing – $99
Author Website – $499

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We offer additional services to market your book and reach your target audience, giving your cover the ‘buz’ it truly deserves.

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