1. About the Company

BuzBooks operate as a division of Fresh01 Ltd. Fresh01 Ltd are a multimedia agency with offices across the globe, primarily from their marketing and studio locations in Berkshire, UK. Part of Enerji, a multinational business group with a passion for the world of content, data and design, Fresh01 offer a wide range of creative and marketing services to a number of different sectors internationally focusing heavily on digital, print, eLearning and branding.

Being separate to Fresh01, BuzBooks allows the book design services that Fresh01 offer to be its own brand and process that’s more targeted towards a customer facing audience.

2. Cover Service Overview

BuzBooks offer a range of different design related author services as well as interior and copy editing services that can be handled by our partnership of companies Amnet and Elite Editing.

Below is a brief outline of what’s involved with our core service and additional offerings.

Single Custom Cover:

This is our core service. We offer one uniquely designed cover at a premium quality. The cover is designed to specifically match the brief in the best possible way using the questionnaire form provided based on the author’s vision of the book.
An author receives one round of changes – small changes such as text updates, content alignment and colour amends.

Cover Add-on Options:

  • Additional Cover Image: This option offers customers the ability to add an additional BuzBooks provided image to their cover. The additional cover image includes the purchase and placement of an additional Royalty Free (RF) image from one of the CSP image site.
  • Additional Cover Concept: This option offers customers the ability to receive one additional cover concept. The additional concept is uniquely designed yet follows the same author submitted brief.
  • Photo Manipulation: This option offers customers the ability to request additional specific customisation for images used on the cover involving retouching, double exposure and more advanced photo altering techniques.

Spine text best practices:

To align with industry standards, the subtitle should never be added to the spine unless otherwise noted within the cover brief.
For any book that has been specified a page count less than 100 pages, we do not include any spine text.

Free Round of Cover Changes:

We create the cover based on the authors original inputs, we supply a finalised concept and from this it is reviewed by the author for any feedback or changes required. We update it and send back a revised version. If there are any further changes to make after this stage BuzBooks will require compensation depending on the time and complexity of the changes requested.

The small changes that come under the free round are:

  • Positioning of typographic elements. Example: moving the title from the top of the page to the bottom
  • Changing colours used in typography. Example: Make the author name a navy blue instead of black
  • Minor changes in the text used. Example: Remove “the” from the title or “use an ampersand” instead of “and”
  • Updating spine width or changing trim size of cover
  • Colour changes in elements such as containers or vector images. Example: Change the title banner colour from red to green


We will only place in a barcode once a correct EAN/ISBN number has been supplied to us.

Bleed & Live Graphics Area:

  • .125” of bleed – We always make sure to include at least .125” of bleed on the cover in order to avoid any issues when printing
  • .25” Live Graphics Area – We design your full cover so that cover text is at least .25” in from the trim lines

3. Image Procurement

BuzBooks has access to various imagery sources such as royalty free website’s Getty Images, Envato Photodune as well as free for commercial use libraries and can also be created by ourselves in-house through our own photography and effects using Adobe’s creative software.

4. Deliverables

  • Full Cover Proof PDF and JPEG image of cover including front, back and spine
  • Designer Summary – A short description outlining the designers thoughts and reasoning in creating your cover

5. General

  • If there are any natural calamities / force majeure situations then BuzBooks will not be held responsible for the non-performance / delay in performance. The terms and conditions for such period will be mutually agreed between both the parties.
  • For any disputes, both the parties will try to resolve with mutual discussions and agreements. In case the dispute is not resolved, the same shall be done as per jurisdiction of India law.
  • The prices are exclusive of any applicable taxes as per India laws. Any other activity than mentioned above will be on chargeable basis

Terms and conditions

Black friday offer

1. Duration of Offer:
This Black Friday offer is valid from 24/11/23 to 01/12/23, inclusive.

2. Discount Applicability:
The 40% discount applies to eligible products/services only. Exclusions may apply.

3. Eligibility:
This offer is available to all customers, both new and existing.

4. Promo Code Usage:
To redeem the discount, enter the specified promo code/coupon during checkout.

5. Limitations:
Each customer is limited to one use of the discount per transaction.

6. Product Availability:
The offer is subject to product/service availability. We reserve the right to modify or discontinue the offer at any time without notice.

7. Combining Offers:
This offer cannot be combined with any other promotions, discounts, or coupons unless explicitly stated.

8. Returns and Exchanges:
Items purchased using this discount are still eligible for our standard return and exchange policies.

9. Cancellation:
We reserve the right to cancel orders or revoke the discount if we suspect fraudulent use.

10. Modification of Terms:
We may modify these terms and conditions at our discretion. Any changes will be effective immediately upon posting.

11. Contact Information:
For questions or concerns regarding this offer, please contact david@fresh01.com.

By participating in this Black Friday offer, you agree to abide by these terms and conditions.