What could be better than seeing your perfect book cover design come to reality?

No matter how good your writing is you should make sure this is reflected within the quality and creativity of the cover design. Here’s a few reasons why a custom book cover design is usually a better choice than using a template or online creator-and pays in more ways than one.

Using online platforms
vs. a book cover designer

The rise of technology has brought every author the opportunity to get their book published. This is great news for budding authors who might find it difficult to approach big publishing houses. It also gives every author a tremendous platform to connect with their readers and discover new ones, as well as the chance to design their own covers through websites such as Canva or KDP’s Cover Creator.

What is also very resourceful and beneficial can also reflect within the quality of the cover design. Using a templated service will mean that your cover will share similar properties with those who have chosen to do the same – for example using the same image and font combination. The difference with custom cover design is that the designer who worked upon the cover has designed it specifically for you, giving you the power to control every element and aspect of the design. This creates buzz around your cover, engages your audience and appeals to a larger market.

A truly personal service


Another beneficial factor of choosing to go for a custom book cover design is the quality of service that you get with doing so. Being able to choose every single detail on your book cover through communicating with your designer means everything can be done your way. A designer will be happy to work alongside you, giving your cover that attention to detail that might be missed when using a self-service or pre-made book cover.

It’s very easy to tell which fonts have been edited or created entirely for the purpose of the cover design—a custom book cover will include typography that has been selected specifically for your cover, and we have thousands of fonts to choose from meaning the chance of your book cover looking like anyone else’s is less likely than using a template creator.

We do the hard work

Some of will you will also be aware of how difficult it can be to ensure that your cover meets Kindle Direct’s Publishing guidelines when it comes to art-working a book cover and ensuring it’s ready for print. Having a custom book cover designed means that you’ve always got a designer who is there on standby to ensure your book cover design is provided in the correct file format and is art-worked to meet strict requirements. At BuzBooks we always provide files in the correct dimensions as well as a designer summary, helping you to understand the designers thoughts behind your cover design.

The importance of a custom book cover design is reflected through your book in ways not only visually but can also drives sales and interest. Keep in mind the benefits of a custom cover design listed above when thinking about your next cover, as opposed to a computer or using a low-cost, templated cover design service.

To see examples of having a custom cover design for your book why not take a look at our portfolio here?