The start of a New Year is always a great time to reflect on the previous. We’re going to kick off the year by taking a look at some of our favourite book cover design trends of 2022.

Ece Cakanel encapsulated the core values of 2022 design with the phrase “creative pragmatism”. Cakanel explained this as meaning a combination of joy and logic being utilised to create meaningful designs. They also outlined key design trends that took 2022 by storm. Naturally, some of the biggest design trends of 2022 impacted book design.

We particularly noticed the these trends:

  • Bold typography
  • Custom illustrations
  • Geometric shapes
  • Candy colours
Cover Design Trend, Candy Colours

Candy Colours

Over the last couple decades there has been back and forth on what pinks are on trend. In the early 2000’s, bright bubblegum pink was the symbol for every ‘it girl’ icon, think Elle Woods (Legally Blonde), Paris Hilton, Mean Girls and Barbie. Whereas, in the 2010’s “millennial” or “Tumblr” pink took over, these pastel tones showcased a subtle, softer version of pink. Now, Y2K fashion has taken over Gen Z culture and intrinsically affected design as a whole, bright bold colours like bubblegum pink are back and stronger than ever. 

Girls Can Kiss Now has a bold, contemporary cover utilising bright colours, custom illustrations and bold type. Beyond the semiotic implications of these colours, the use of the bright pink and bold blue makes an eye-catching statement, sure to capture potential readers attention. The design initially appears to be typographic, however, the more you engage with the composition you see the illustrations take form. The illustration style and colours feel reminiscent of 1990’s pattern design, influenced by the 1980’s Memphis Design Movement, highlighting another core trend of 2022!

Bold Typography

One of our favourite cover design trends is bold typography! Bold typography and alternative type composition are at the core of a graphic designer’s practice. This year saw twisted typography, classic modernism and anti-design trends coming more to the fray. This cover shows an alternative approach to text composition, the type bends and moulds to the shape of the illustration, which you don’t often see!

Cover Design Trend, Bold Typography
Cover Design Trend, Geometric Shapes

Geometric Shapes

Minimalist design has the power to communicate a strong narrative in what appears to be a simple way. Although designs like this may seem simple, communicating through minimalism takes thought, consideration and confidence. This cover effectively combines geometric shape, image and contemporary type styling to create a commanding cover.  

The striking red circle at the centre of the composition immediately draws attention and frames the silhouetted bird. Without this carefully considered element the design’s strength would be completely altered.

Custom Illustration

Often authors find themselves in the position of needing a custom illustration to showcase their story successfully. This can also allow them to define a unique style for their books that feels personal to them. 

An illustration like this creates a complete canvas for the type and other design elements to be part of. This illustration showcases texture and traditional stroke marks, while complemented by contemporary type styling. The balance between illustration and other essential elements can be difficult to execute effectively. 

This is where having a team of creatives is a real asset. At Buzbooks, we have every kind of creative professional you may need. As well as our expert Graphic Designers, who are well versed in all things design and image manipulation, we have Illustrators who can create your perfect illustration! We truly value the intricacy and storytelling a custom cover illustration can provide, so if this is something you’re interested in, get in touch with us. Or, if you need some inspiration, check out our portfolio here!

Cover Design Trend, Custom Illustration

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