Technology has shaped many aspects of our societies, and publishing is no exception.

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East Asia and early print.

Johannes Gutenberg is often seen as the father of print and publishing. However, there had already been printed books for centuries in Asia.

For example, Diamond Sutra is a traditional woodblock printed book created in 868 AD. The entire scroll is 5 metres long, with each section printed separately using a wooden block. The Diamond Sutra is the earliest dated print and definitely the most intricate. It can be found in the British Library; find out more about Diamond Sutra here!

What did printing presses in Europe mean?

Johannes Gutenberg was a craftsman and inventor best known for developing “The Gutenberg Press” in the 15th century. This press made printing accessible for the first time in Europe, leading to the printing of “The Gutenberg Bible”. Gutenberg’s Bible was the first book mass-produced using moveable metal type in Europe.

It marked the start of the “Gutenberg Revolution”. European publishers could manufacture large quantities of books at a relatively low cost, increasing the availability and accessibility of books. Therefore, making literacy and education available to a broader European audience.

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The introduction of eBooks and eReaders!

Lastly, we look at one of the most recent developments in publishing, eBooks and eReaders. Many technological developments occurred between the 1970s and the 2000s, but nothing succeeded like Amazon’s Kindle. Kindles flew off the shelves in 2007, leading to massive growth in eBook sales across the USA. 

Access to eBooks has made reading even more accessible and convenient! Suddenly, people could carry a whole library in the convenient form of a kindle. Additionally, despite the initial cost of an e-reader or device, eBooks tend to be cheaper than traditional books. Meaning avid readers can make a worthwhile return on investment!

Plus, eBooks continue to help people overcome barriers to reading significantly. Specifically, eBooks accessible on computers can be read aloud by text-to-speech software, which can positively impact many people! Particularly assisting those who are visually impaired or have learning differences (to name a couple of examples). 

Despite the positives, the popularity of ebooks initially created uncertainty for traditional publishers. The rise of ebooks and self-publishing has broken down barriers put in place by conventional publishers, which echoes the core values of The Gutenberg Revolution. Ultimately, self-publishing allows authors to share their work without seeking an outside publisher’s approval. (We think it’s safe to say the positives outweigh any negatives!)

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