As we all know a picture paints a thousand words, what better way to sell your book than through moving image.

Book trailers are an engaging method of marketing that shows your book in a whole new visual experience like no other. To explain what they are simply, book trailers are a short 30-90 second video that visually explains to readers the narrative arc of your story.

Here’s a handful of reasons as to why authors can benefit from using a book trailer to promote their next book.

1. Video is becoming more and more popular

Not only has video always been one of the most engaging methods of marketing, it’s becoming more popular. With the rise of social media our attention spans are becoming shorter with the increasing amount of information and entertainment we have at our fingertips, meaning to engage with our audience we need to stand out, and what better way to do that than with video.

2. It gives you a professional touch

Creating an author brand will help give you a professional edge above others, whilst also giving yourself an authentic personality that readers will feel like they can trust. Having a book trailer that keeps in line with your book cover design by using similar colors, fonts and imagery shows cohesion and gives readers something to remember.

3. Book trailers are good for engagement

As more and more readers turn to digital platforms you should adapt as an author to engage with your audience in less traditional ways of marketing. Book trailers are a great way to capture existing and new readers as it will be shared upon platforms you may not have already explored, such as YouTube or Vimeo.

4. Easy to share across your social media and gains exposure

Videos can be shared from YouTube or Vimeo across multiple platforms – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter- the list goes on. This means you can reach more audiences than you usually would with traditional marketing, such as sponsored ads.

5. It’s a method of marketing that can work during a pandemic

Marketing as a self-publishing author during a pandemic can also be quite hard to achieve physically, for example conferences or book launch events. Social media and digital media has been a saviour for many, Book trailers can be shared with the click of a button, reaching new and existing audiences. As we are all restricted from living our usual lives, we find ourselves turning to new forms of entertainment to keep occupied.

Here’s just a handful of reasons as to why we think book trailers are important to authors, get in touch to receive 10% off our book trailer services!