BuzBooks was only born in 2018, after the unfortunate news came out that CreateSpace are no longer offering design services for authors. BuzBooks operate as a division of Fresh01 Ltd, which worked alongside CreateSpace as one of the sole agencies in cover design. What was so great with working with CreateSpace is the variety of projects we would receive that came from shining authors from across the globe. Each day was different and inspiring to see how passionate some people are with writing.

We were left in a big state of shock when we initially heard the news about CreateSpace no longer offering their creative services. However, we were quick on our feet and made the best out of a bad situation as we felt it would be a shame to stop designing book covers, considering we have so much experience within the self-publishing industry and getting to know authors and their stories. This is where BuzBooks was born.

Our mission with BuzBooks is to provide book cover design services on the same quality scale as we were providing for CreateSpace. This meant that we have taken the approach of a ‘one-size fits all’, focusing on making our services cost-efficient as we understand not every self-publishing author has a big budget to spend on the design of your cover.